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Vice-Principal Message

“What we learn becomes a part of who we are”
Welcome to the website of Hilltop Public School,Kunnakkavu.
Hilltop Public School is not a school among schools, it’s the school you’ve been looking for.
Once stepped in ,its a step to here and the hereafter.And this makes it different from others of it’s sort.As you explore through the site ,you will be pleased to discover that you’ve reached the destination oftheard across the globe.
Here we believe in upholding high standards to the mutifaceted development of the child with special importance to moral values. It’s a family here,where students and teachers are bonded together with love and respect. We also employ strategies for uplifting the whole family of learners which includes our students,teachers and parents.
Education at Hilltop Public school is not book -centered ,rather it’s the holistic development of the child as they experience an amalgam of educational programs along with an extensive range of extracurricular activities too.
No wonder,our children harnessed in such an atmosphere bear the hopes and possibilities of shouldering social responsibilities. At the end,the child is a mature,creative and responsible adult
Child is the centre of our curriculum where they are given ample opportunities to showcase their innovative and creative talents by inculcating a scientific temper and a spirit of free enquiry. They reexamine their priorities, set clear goals and plan for their own achievement. The commitment of the staff and their teamwork in our state of the art facilities works wonders here..
We continue to strive hard to be one among the top schools contributing the best citizens to the nation. Our dreams and aspirations are the catalysts to enhance the end results..I’m sure,the school will reach great heights in the nearest future..


Mrs.Rafath Mohammed

Vice Principal