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ART & CRAFT: A wide spectrum of visual arts are taught at HPS in its numerous wellequipped art studios.

FINE ARTS:  Diverse form of painting in different mediums are taught and
excelled in HPS. Pencil sketching, crayon coloring, water coloring etc are
taught exclusively here. At HPS budding artists also use canvas as a surface
to creatively express themselves in oil and acrylic paints for a variety of
subjects like landscapes, portraits, nature study, life etc.

GLASS PAINTING: It is one of the most refined Indian art styles that is taught
here. These glass paintings are noted for their show of brilliance clarity and
use of rich colors.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Photography is a hobby where most of the students are
motivated to explore and experiment.


MUSIC & DANCE: Both Western and Indian music are taught in equal measures to students at
HPS to develop their skills and musical appreciation. Dance reflects the rich culture of the nation.
It helps students to develop their posture, concentration and confidence. Ample opportunities are
available for the students to learn various dance forms.

CLUBS AND SOCIETIES: The school has various clubs and societies like Nature club, IT club
Anchoring club, Mathematics club, Science club etc. These clubs and societies help students
acquire expertise in varied academic subjects as well as develop interests in other advanced

CELEBRATION OF FESTIVALS: Our students are groomed to be modern in outlook, yet be proud
and appreciative of their rich heritage and culture and a strong value system based on mutual
respect. Thus we celebrate all festivals with equal reverence and fervor.


A Healthy Body has a Healthy Mind

SPORTS: The development of mind and body go hand- in- hand. Physical education plays a vital
role in creating confident individuals. Therefore, sports are an integral part of our education
system. Students are encouraged to participate in various inter- house and inter- school
tournaments. To improve respective sports, we have engaged expert coaches and trainers who
impart valuable tips to students to hone their skills.

SCHOOL BAND: Hilltop maintains a well trained band team which gives the platform for the
students to exhibit their artistic talents and take it to the next level. Efficient trainer and
consistent training also pave the way to bring up the young talents.

KARATE : We develop the sense of self defense among our children. Consistently maintained
karate sessions and well trained coach make the students fill with the sense of martial arts

CHESS : We ensure that our kids to play by rules and take out their responsibilities with a practical
and fabulously maintained chess classes. Problem solving capability also marks an addition to
this exuberant training session.

AEROBICS : Human bodies are designed for regular physical activity. Many studies show that
depressed patients who stick to a regimen of aerobic exercise improve as much as those treated
with medication. Hilltop ensures and secures our students’ physical and mental balance with
properly sustained aerobic classes